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Altronix’s new NetWay Spectrum series takes fiber and power to a new level. Indoor and outdoor models include hardened Ethernet PoE+ switches and rack mount media converters with or without integral power. These units can be deployed with conventional single or multi-mode fiber, as well as composite cable that combines fiber with power to simultaneously deliver both, power and data. Go further with NetWay Spectrum from Altronix.
  • Deploy devices over fiber infrastructure with or without local power.
  • Designed and manufactured for use in harsh environments at greater distances.
  • Supports both single and multi-mode fiber, as well as composite cable which combines fiber with copper.
  • NetWay Spectrum comes in a wide range of models for indoor and outdoor applications. Hardened PoE switches, media converters, power supply/chargers, SFP modules are all available pre-configured or separately, as subcomponents to customize your system.
  • Features embedded LINQ™ Network Management Technology to remotely monitor, control and report power/diagnostics – streamlining service and maintenance operations by leveraging the network. A built-in timer can reset devices automatically on a schedule.
  • UL Listed in the U.S. and Canada and CE Approved.